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08 Jul 2010 Perfect Display of KFC!
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This is what can be considered as the perfect display of KFC:


Image Source: http://www.rgbpicture.com/img/cool/momento/momento03.jpg

25 Feb 2010 Can They be Able to Fly?
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I asked the question when I first saw this picture:


Image Source: http://www.slightlywarped.com/crapfactory/curiosities/2010/images/humor_66.jpg

07 Aug 2009 Caution!
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This machine has no brain, so please use your own:


Image Source: http://image.linkinn.com/userfile/pictures_0908/Image/Interesting_Signs__38.jpg

15 Apr 2009 See Who is Watching you while you were Kising?
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See Who is Watching you while you were Kising?


Image Source: http://www.linkinn.com/_Some_Weird_Some_Funny_2

22 Mar 2009 Email Forward Spam - Which we get daily!

We generally get so many mails daily that forward this to so many people and within 7 days you will see the miracle, but these are all spam. Check this funny image on the same issue:


Image Source: http://www.evilmilk.com/pictures/People_Need_To_Know.htm

19 Mar 2009 Best Parking Space!

Best Parking Space I have ever seen:


Image Source: http://www.visualjokes.com/d/587_bestparking.html

19 Mar 2009 Please Be Safe!

Please Be Safe:


Image Source: http://www.funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/10249/Be+Safe/

15 Mar 2009 What this Puppy is doing?

What this Puppy is doing? I know but can you tell me, Lol


Image Source: http://www.linkinn.com/_Funny_Show

15 Mar 2009 One more Titanic Image, but this is Funny!
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One more Titanic Image, but this is Funny, Check out:


Image Source: http://www.linkinn.com/_Funny_Show

04 Mar 2009 Can You Guess Who is Inside the Sweater!
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Can You Guess Who is Inside the Sweater! I think NO:


Image Source: http://www.linkinn.com/_Hahaha_Pictures