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09 Jul 2010 Importance of Net in our Life!
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Can we deny this? No. One of the fantastic comic I have ever seen:


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17 Mar 2010 How to Download Videos From Internet to Your Mobile?
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Do you know How to Download Videos From Internet to Your Mobile? Ask this girl:


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25 Feb 2010 How Girls Rate Guys and How Guys Rate Girls!
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This is one of the fantastic image I came through today, and really found it good. So thought to share with my viewers:


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07 Aug 2009 Sexy Google!
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It is one sort of Sexy Google:


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11 Jul 2009 Some of the PeTA Advertisements!
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Here are a few adverisements of PeTA. These are looking really awesome:

peta1Second one:

peta2The third one is:


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01 Jun 2009 Why Reddit do this type of mistakes?
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Some time I see that there are more than one submissions of the same news from same URL (Like and, and surprising to see most of them are on the reddit hot list too. Here is an example in which reddit is showing 1 comment but also showing “there doesn’t seem to be anything here”:


26 May 2009 What an Art!
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Can you believe that this image is actually an art, a creativity by the finger. Superb.


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25 May 2009 Kissing Couple!
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Watch them, how romantic!


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12 May 2009 Fatal Error!
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This is something which usually comes in every one’s PC, check this if you have seen this or not:


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22 Mar 2009 Email Forward Spam - Which we get daily!

We generally get so many mails daily that forward this to so many people and within 7 days you will see the miracle, but these are all spam. Check this funny image on the same issue:


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